Loved: I loved the book Numb, by John Otte. I first noticed it during its promotional period, where they were allowing people to vote on the cover art. It sounded like a book I might like, so when it was finally out, I bought it. Here’s the description, from Amazon: 
"Save the girl...or his soul? Crusader is numb. He feels neither emotion nor pain, a divine gift that allows him to be the Ministrix's best assassin. Whether it's heretics from within or heathen from without, Crusader is the sword in the True Church's hand. And if he remains obedient to his superiors, he will be able to let go of his guilt.

But then he's ordered to kill Isolda Westin. It shouldn't be a problem. A target is a target. When Crusader sees Isolda's image, though, something strange happens. He experiences a moment of panic, a wave of emotions, the first he's felt in as long as he can remember.

In that moment, he realizes he can't fulfill his mission. He can't kill Isolda Westin, even if it means he'll be condemned as an enemy of the Ministrix.

Soon Crusader and Isolda are on the run. Will they be able to learn why the Ministrix wants Isolda dead? Or will they both face the harsh justice of the "True Church"?"
Yeah. I loved it. The writing was great, the characters were just how I liked them (conflicted and human), the romance was subtle and intriguing, the created world was believable. So good. It’s the kind of book that stayed with me after reading it.
Did Not Love: No comment. Is that bad? There are definitely books I did not love, but really, for the most part, that's just because everyone has different tastes. I'm reluctant to tell people NOT to read a specific book, even if I didn't enjoy it myself. What one person may not like may be another person's favourite. That said, I can't imagine anyone who likes science fiction action/suspense NOT liking Numb. Again, it was really great. 


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