My lovely friend Sarah recently tagged me in a Facebook post. She does this every so often, when she sees something that makes her think of me. Sometimes, it's about friendship, sometimes about wine. Sometimes it's about the 80s or 90s (ah, those were the days). Sometimes, it's something that will simply make me laugh. This time, it was about writing. 

Sarah's not a writer herself - at least, as far as I know - although I'm sure she could be. She probably even should be. This girl is super funny, wickedly smart, and creative, to boot, She helped me work through this paralyzing writers' block when I was working on Dragonfly a few years ago. She also reads like crazy (she is responsible for both my favourite reads and those I have most loathed). And she gets me, like few people ever do.

Anyway, so she tagged me in this posted photograph that said "30-Day Writing Challenge". She commented, "Alyssa - sound like a fun activity?"  I looked at it, and thought - why yes, yes it does. 
Then added, realistically, "but let's just do 10, shall we?"

Without further ado, here is the "10" day writing challenge list:

"10" Day Writing Challenge
  1. Five problems with social media
  2. Your earliest memory
  3. Your first love and first kiss
  4. Ten interesting facts about yourself
  5. A place where you would live, but have never visited
  6. Someone who fascinates you, and why
  7. A book you love and one you didn't
  8. A quote you try to live by
  9. Your current relationship status
  10. One thing you're excited for

So, that's the challenge. I'm pretty happy Sarah thought to tag me - she's a great motivator. And I'm definitely up for this modified challenge, although, I'm sure we all know, life will likely slow me down. Like it is for pretty much everyone, life is busy. There's the writing stuff, the marketing stuff, the riding stuff, the - most important - family stuff.  My oldest has started pondering life's great mysteries, my middle is working on establishing himself as a "big boy" and not mommy's baby (NEVER!) and my youngest has just started eating solids (woot!) and creeping (ahhh!)). 

But I think I have enough moments here and there that together, can add up to a little daily writing time. I think I'm up for the challenge. And if not... well, fire me. :) 



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