Life is full of exciting developments. In October, I attended my first Central Canada Comic Convention as an artist/vendor. I was there with Peasantry Press and the Authors of Manitoba. I sold copies of Dragonfly. I talked to people - readers and writers and artists of all sorts. I gave out candy for "Safe Halloween". I admired the many costumes. I bought some Christmas gifts. I bought some "I love me" gifts. Basically, it was a fantastic weekend. Exciting. And more exciting? I've already reserved my table for next year.

Another exciting development in my life right now is this beautiful little MacBook I'm using at this very moment. I destroyed my previous MacBook this summer (due to a juice spill and an absentminded writer...) and the husband surprised me with my top pick for a replacement: the 2016 12-inch MacBook in Rose Gold, and I love love love it. I'm using it to edit my most recent novels (coming soon!) and to work on a new - top secret - project my writer-daughter and I are doing together.

Finally, I'm excited about my latest release, entitled "Infusion". Published by Charlie Dawg Press, I'm thrilled to see my baby in print at last.  Of all the things I've written, it's my favourite.

And thus ends the "10 Day Writing Challenge".